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In Serbia you can send money from Banka Poštanska Štedionica, AIK banka, VIP exchange offices, Gonzo exchange offices, Dunav exchange offices, Alta Pay exchange offices and other locations of our partners. 

Send money at the nearest bank or excange office in dinars (RSD) and the receiver will pick up the money in the currency available for pay out in the destination country.

To send money you are not required to have a bank account

The commission fee is exclusively paid by the sender.

For sending to countries across our region commission is even more affordable.







Novi tarifnik slanja u primeni od 01.03.2024.

RIA tarifnik za slanje novca sajt.png

How to send a money transfer


 Submit a request

Go to the nearest RIA location, submit a request for sending money and present your valid ID to the operator.


Provide the details of the transfer

If you agree with the terms of the transfer, make a cash payment.

Find RIA locations

Send PIN to the receiver

Notify the recipient about the PIN number and the amount sent.


Only send money to your friends and family and people you know personally!

  • Do not share details of your transfer (PIN, amount) with any other person but the receiver;

  • Do not send money to someone you haven’t met in person;

  • Do not send money to people who ask you to send them money that they will hand over to the person to whom the money is intended and who is "unable to receive the money in their name";

  • Do not send money to people who represent themselves as charities and ask that you send a donation to them personally;

  • Do not send to persons calling for reasons of urgency (death, medical treatment, etc.) before verifying that the allegations are true;

  • Do not send money for purchase of goods or payment of services over the internet (e.g. car purchase, usually at a more favorable price than the market price);

  • Do not send money as a service to a third party, who does not want to send money personally, but instead hires you to do so, especially if you are offered a fee for that service.

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