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Please read the notice of complaint submission down below.


of complaint submission with the payment institution TransferNova, TransferNova acting according to the complaint and potentially filing a complaint with the National Bank of Serbia.

Customer may file a complaint in written form if he/she consider that TransferNova does not adhere with the provisions of the law governing the protection of financial service users, the Law on Payment Services and general terms of operation and fair business practices. The customer may file a complaint using one the following methods:

  1. By sending an e-mail to:;

  2. By mail to the following address: Transfernova doo, Jove Ilića 26, 11040 Beograd;

  3. By submitting a written complaint at the TransferNova premises (Jove Ilića 26, 11040 Beograd) or at the TransferNova representative premises where the service was provided;

  4. Or by filling out the contact form below.


TransferNova has no legal obligation to consider the verbal complaint , but in the case of the verbal appeal, TransferNova will endeavor to resolve the situation in favor of the Customer, and at the same time will instruct the Customer about the manner in which the complaint can be submitted.
The complaint submitted in written form should contain a clear indication that it is an complaint, user data from which the relationship with the Payment Institution can undoubtedly be established, as well as the cause of the complaint. The Customer may file a complaint within three years following the violation of his right or legal interest.

Submission of a complaint and the response to it are free of charge. TransferNova issues a confirmation receipt. Payment Institution is going to send a written response within 15 days latest from the day of the receipt of the complaint. In exceptional circumstances, if the Payment Institution is unable to send a response in the given time, due to objective reasons beyond its control, the deadline can be prolonged by maximum 15 days. A written notification will be sent to the Customer within 15 days from the day of the receipt of the complaint informing him about the reasons for the deadline prolongation and stating the final deadline for sending a response.

If the Customer is dissatisfied with the response to the complaint or a response has not reached him within the given deadline, the Customer may file a complaint to the National Bank of Serbia (NBS) in a written form to the following address: Narodna banka Srbije, Sektor za zaštitu i edukaciju korisnika finansijskih usluga, Nemanjina 17, Beograd, poštanski fah 712, or through the website of the National Bank of Serbia, within six months from the day of receiving of the response or from the expiration of the deadline for sending the response.

The complaint shall contain the name and address of the complainant, the business name and headquarters of the Payment Institution, determined relationship between the complainant and the Payment Institution, as well as the reasons for filing the complaint and what the complaint demands.

The user’s complaint to NBS should be accompanied by the complaint addressed to the Payment Institution, the response of the Payment Institution (if submitted) and the documentation based on which the allegations expressed in the complaint may be evaluated.

If you are our client or agent, you can get more information about the complaint process: 011 / 4230-196 or 011/4230-201

Below you can download the documents required to file a written complaint, and you can also fill out the form if you wish to file a complaint on this web page.

Complaint form


confirmation receipt

Notice for users

Complaint online form

Your complaint has been sent!

Thank you for filling out the form.

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