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What do I need to pick up money sent via RIA Money Transfer or Unistream?

You need to have a valid identity document (ID card, passport or refugee ID card) and PIN number which the sender gave you.
It is necessary to know the name and last name of the sender, amount and country from where the order was sent.

Where can I pick up money sent via RIA Money Transfer?

Your order can be paid out at any branch of Banka Poštanska Štedionica, AIK banka, Komercijalna banka, Direktna banka, VIP exchange offices, ALTA PAY offices and other exchange offices across Serbia. Find your nearest RIA location here.

Where can I pick up money sent via UNISTREAM?

Your order can be paid out at any branch of Banka Poštanska Štedionica.

How fast is the order avalaible for payout?

Payout is avalaible within minutes of the money transfer was created, depending on agent working hours and time difference.

Orders sent from USA, initiated via online RIA application are usualy avalaible in Serbia within a few working days, because of the additional checks.

How can I check if the order is avalaible for payout?

You can check the order status here by entering PIN number in the checkbox.

How do I send the order from Serbia abroad?

Quite simple! No need to have a bank account either for sending or receiving money transfer.
Go to the closest RIA location and apply for sending money transfer via RIA. You can send money from Banka Poštanska Štedionica, AIK bank, VIP exchange offices, GONZO and DUNAV exchange offices.

Inform the operator about receivers name and last name, destination country and amount. Please specify if you want the receiver to get the money in a certain currency.
Orders are sent exclusively in RSD.

What is the commission fee for sending money abroad?

Great rates and low fees are avalaible for sending money transfer to counties across the region and some popular destinations for users in Serbia.

Check the official list of rates here.

Information about the current offers can be obtained from any of the RIA Money Transfer network payment points.

What is the order amount limit for orders sent from Serbia?

It is 5000 EUR per month.

How can I check if the receiver got the money I sent?

Via official RIA site or by contacting RIA customer support service 011/3216860
The payout is normally finished in 24h.